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Express Manicure

The Express Manicure is a quick and easy technique, it is faster than a Combined or an E-File Manicure. It is the best solution for sensitive skin types in cases with difficult skin type or simply if you want to achieve clean and nice results quicker.
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Nowadays we often encounter clients with very sensitive skin in our studio routine, sometimes with such customers the skin is cracked and not a in good condition. Still we want to offer our customer the best possible result, as well as enjoy the end result of our work ourselves. To achieve a beautiful result without a manicure is hardly imaginable nowadays. With such customers it is barely possible to perform E-File or Combined manicure, because we run the risk of irritating and injuring the skin even more.

In this course I offer you the opportunity to learn the Express Manicure, which allows you to easily deal with difficult skin types to achieve a beautiful result quickly and safely. Also, in this course I show you how to apply gel polish and how to repair corners or nails that are broken.

In this online training you will see three examples of skin types where the Express Manicure can be applied, for a better understanding of the possibilities that this technique offers us.

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  • Introduction
  • Technique Introduction
  • Straight Group
  • Bits in Comparison
  • Grains and Diameter
  • Number of Rotations
  • Nippers
  • Macro Technique
  • Slow Motion Technique
  • Use of the Technique 1
  • Use of the Technique 2
  • Use of the Technique 3
  • Natural nails, Length and Shape
  • Gel Polish Application

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