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Perfect Almond

Almond is one of the most popular shapes nowadays. As beautiful as this shape is, it requires understanding. I know where most of the problems arise when it comes to Perfection. In this class I will show you all the points you will have to consider, and help you to achieve a great result.
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To achieve a beautiful Almond Shape, you need to combine technical skills and an understanding of HOW and WHY it has to be done this way. As a Teacher, I often see that there is a lack of understanding of such important aspect such as statics, form application, filing...

A good result depends on how you analyze the natural nails. How you prepare it and apply the form. How and where to place the gel to build up and of course how to file the shape.  You can certainly create a set of nails without this information! But will you be satisfied, or are you satisfied with your Almonds Shape if you compare your result with the result in this picture?

You might think the nails on this picture is my result, and you're not as good as me! It might be true that I have a little more experience! But all in all, it's because I've systematized in all the steps I do and know exactly what to look for to achieve a beautiful end result. This takes me a huge step ahead on the road when it comes to the almond shape!

As a trainer and a nail designer, I believe that knowledge needs to be shared! To make our community stronger, better and happier! In each of my training courses, I uncover all the information and show you that a good result is not science and can be achieved with ease!

My concept combines a clear and understandable theory, for this I visualize an almond for you, like you have never seen it before. Divide the entire process into clear steps, which makes learning more convenient and easier. I show you all the mistakes that can happen and how to avoid them.

I make it easier for you to be able to repeat all the steps so that your result is just as great as mine. I show and explain in detail on many different models.  The video quality is better than any live training. We pay attention that you see everything very clearly. You can re-watch the class at a pace that is comfortable for you, and try out all the information and tips you hear and see right away when practicing.

I am very happy that this training turned out to be so well and that I can pass on all my secrets!

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  • Intro
  • Almond Structure
  • New Set
  • Form Application
  • Length and Width
  • Extension and Buildup
  • Filing
  • Nail Prep
  • Form Application
  • Almond Macro
  • Mistake during Sculpturing
  • From Square to Almond
  • Application Video 1
  • Application Video 2

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