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Who doesn't know it, the eternal struggle with the forms, because for many the application causes great difficulties. But we can change that! I'll show you how you can learn to cut them quickly and accurately, depending on the desired shape and length of the modeling. Because a successful sculpting job depends, among other things, on how the form sits.
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Explanations of when, how and why we cut a form. Examples, how and where you
can apply this knowledge. I will show you how the right cut influences the sculpturing
and changes the appearance and durability of the nails. In different case studies I explain to you the differences for each cut.

However, all this knowledge would be of little use without exercises and links.
In a separate workbook I have compiled practical and helpful exercises for you,
to help you recognize the special features of the nails, train your eye and cut the form perfectly.

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Course Content?
  • Intro (Welcome information)
  • Forms (How to choose the form)
  • Paper (Which paper is best)
  • The cut-out and the shapes of the forms (Which to choose)
  • The print and the markings (Why are they essential to be considered)
  • Tunnel (We all aim to achieve, but is it always possible?)
  • The middle roundness and metal plate (Should this always be used?)
  • Scissors and position (Why is it essential?)
  • Glossary (Small catch up to speak the same language)
  • 3D Finger (Interactive chapter)
  • Alignment and axis (Are important to achieve a good result)
  • Analyzing the nails (You will fail if you don't know how to do it)
  • Structure (Essential topic to understand angle of application)
  • Natural nail preparation (Hidden tricks inside)
  • Analyzing the nails (Detailed explanation what to consider)
  • The depth (That mysterious part that makes you doubt)
  • Side cuts (Panic! Which one to choose? I will share the rules on the how)
  • The batman and mistakes (One of the four pre-cuts that you need to know)
  • Cutting and holding (Struggle with this important process? Let's see how we can avoid mistakes)
  • The mickey mouse (An essential pre-cut for everyday salon life)
  • The angle (This one makes the difference)
  • How to choose the form (Invest your money smartly)
  • Hypohidrosis (Hands that sweat are a real challenge)
  • How to pinch (Without pinching)
  • Pre exercise explanation
  • Exercise 1 - 5 (this is about holding, position, fitting and mistakes that can occur).
  • Pre application explanation
  • Application on flat nails
  • Application on rounded nails with small lateral sides
  • Application on rounded nails that are deeply embedded
  • Application on wide nails with very big lateral sides
  • Application on fanned nails with pronounced sides
  • Application on fanned nails that are flat and embedded
  • Application on different nail plates without side pre-cuts
  • Application on how to use metal plates
  • Application on over filed nails with an uneven free edge
  • Application on a nail biter
  • Application on long nail plate with pronounced hyponichium
  • Quiz
  • Exclusive workbook

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