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Knowledge is the power! First of all, the good understanding of anatomy provides a great basis for professional and high effective work.
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Anatomy is a very exciting topic and is a fundamental part of our job, as we have a lot of responsibility when we work with people. In this chapter, you will discover a lot of interesting information, that you never knew before about natural nails! This topic is very broad and, among other things, that are helpful in our profession, contributes to general education. The videos are easy to understand, very informative and exciting! The natural nail and the skin are the important part of our work, understanding of it’s functions is very essential in manicure. We will look closer at the diseases of the nail plate and skin, and what can happen, when injures occur. This chapter answers many questions and opens up new perspectives that we need to know and consider on while performing
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  •     Natural Nail
  •     Nail Unit
  •     Explore the Finger
  •     Explore inside the Finger
  •     Nail Structure
  •     Explore the Nail Structure
  •     Nail Properties
  •     Skin
  •     Explore the Epidermis
  •     Explore the Dermis
  •     Wound Healing
  •     Skin diseases
  •     Nail diseases

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