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Combined Manicure using one Bit

Perfectly looking skin! It's like a small piece of art, pleasant to look at. This chapter brings you closer to your dream of performing a clean combined manicure. Everything about combined manicure techniques using Scissors and even more.
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The combined manicure technique is the most used in everyday studio life. It is often called the "Russian manicure». There are many myths about it and there are a lot of pictures, videos and discussions on this topic online. But, unfortunately, most of them can’t help you to succeed in using this technique in the daily studio life or even understand it. The combined technique, if performed correctly, may take 15 to a maximum of 30 minutes during the treatment and at the same time gives us a beautiful and unique result, which makes our customers happy, increases our skills and provides us with the feeling of satisfaction, when looking at our work.

In this chapter you can expect … videos in HD quality, with very exclusive materials, where the individual steps, characteristics and procedures are explained in detail and shown in Macro quality. This course will provide you  with the knowledge that you didn’t have before and show the manicure in different perspectives. After this course, you will develop the overall understanding to the topic of Combined Manicure using Scissors.

Please note that this chapter is suitable for advanced students and requires knowledge of Skin Type Determination, Anatomy, Tools & Bits. If you feel that you don't have enough understanding in the topics mentioned above, I recommend that you take a look into it.

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  •     Introduction
  •     Tools Introduction
  •     Step-by-Step
  •     Video Step-by-Step
  •     Principle of the Combined Manicure
  •     A Pocket
  •     Pro-Pusher
  •     Use of the Pro-Pusher
  •     Use of the Rosewood stick
  •     Flame
  •     Use of the Flame
  •     Lateral Sides
  •     Use of the Flame
  •     Sinus Area  
  •     Scissors, Positioning, and Guidance 
  •    The Cut
  •    The Cut II
  •    Use of the Technique
  •    Difficult Skin Type
  •    Cuticle Remover
  •    Use of the technique with Cuticle Remover
  •    Mistakes during the Combined Manicure
  •    Men Manicure
  •    Manicure after Filing
  •    Finishing the Manicure
  •    Left-Handers
  •    Varieties of Techniques

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