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Skin and Manicure Types Determination

In this course I give an important overview of manicure types, that will help you to understand topic «manicure» from all possible sides. Skin types determination and understanding is very important during any type of manicure.
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There are different Manicure types in this class, I give the fullest overview about the specialties. Skin type determination is essential for understanding topic of manicure as well! This course will help you to create knowledge about what is a Manicure, because I see people are having doubts and being confused. In this chapter I would like to introduce to you the existing types of manicure, when we should and when we should not do manicure, as well as I show you the varieties of skin types and how to determine them. You will also find the detailed explanation and understanding of the nail pocket. Here you will find all the essential information to: How do you recognise the depth of a pocket? Does every customer have a pocket for manicure? How to avoid injuries? This is a general class that helps you to understand if we can provide Manicure to everyone, and when not provide it.
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  •     Introduction
  •     Types of Manicure
  •     Skin Types
  •     "Take It Serious"
  •     A Pocket
  •     Examples of Skin Types
  •     FAQ Manicure

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