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All about Manicure

In this course my goal was to show the manicure in different perspectives and to give you through my experience the possibility not just to learn a certain technic, but to develop an understanding.
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Manicure is a serious, very underestimated topic...but that nowadays is so important!

I could have start to write a lot about how great this class is...but this is my perspective and point of view as a teacher!
And this is what the students tell:
" this class it amazing and mind-blowing, it gave me the understanding and unique tools for my work with customers"

"The quality and the structure of the lessons are beneficial and I never expected to learn as much online "...

Reading this and looking at the results makes me happy and proud because this was my Goal!

I wanted to create a possibility of online education that gives people understanding!!! And in this course I would like to help nail technicians to become confident while performing manicure, avoid mistakes, become quicker, to fall in love with your daily work.

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  • Introduction
  • Anatomy
  • Tools
  • Bits
  • Disinfection and Sterlization
  • Manicure and Skin Types Determination  
  • Workstation
  • Combined Manicure Technique
  • Apparative Manicure Technique
  • Men Manicure and Special Cases in Manicure
  • Hand Massage

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