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Salon Success

The perfect studio nails, that is what we want to achieve. We make demands on ourselves to model accurate and same shape nails in a short time and very often encounter great challenges in this task. Especially when we work on natural nails.
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The topic Salon Success is very versatile and it is impossible to imagine our studio life without it. It offers an excellent opportunity to combine a successful manicure and a perfectly shaped lacquer finish, because these two techniques go hand in hand. 

This is a special section that allows you to get a better result when varnishing with Soak Off, both after the manicure and in the studio in general. You will learn to understand the properties of Soak Off and how to apply the material correctly. I will show you the processes, where mistakes can occur and how we avoid them. Here it is important to understand how the material behaves and how we can use this to our advantage. 

One of the big advantages is the possibility to replace soak off products, these products are more flexible and are excellent for reinforcing short studio nails!
I often find that a lack of knowledge has led to many misunderstandings about Soak Off.
My aim in this course is to show you how you can use the advantages of Soak off for yourself and your customers are always enthusiastic and satisfied!

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  • Natural nails, length and shape
  • Removing gel polish
  • Shortening of the Natural Nails
  • Axis
  • Characteristics of the Shapes
  • Shapes Application
  • Almond shape
  • Creating shape on short nails
  • Pick-up and Repair
  • Important Helpers
  • Gel-polish Properties
  • Nail Preparation
  • Bonding Gel
  • Nail Prep. and Bonding Application
  • No Filing Technique
  • Construction and Static
  • Light Line
  • Clear Square
  • Clear Almond
  • Short Nails
  • Mistakes during the Application
  • Color Application
  • Nude Almond
  • Blue Square
  • Red Short
  • Gel Polish Application
  • Mistakes during Color Application
  • Painting with Nail Polish

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