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Webinar "Secrets of Liftings and Durability"

The customer comes back and the product has completely or partially detached from the nail. Whether along the cuticle, or at the annoys us and costs additional time at work. Actually, you have done everything right, but it has not held again! WHY? Also, the circular large lifts in the middle are a very unpleasant surprise when filing the modeling. Nobody likes to deal with lifts, because they lead to self-doubt and cost a lot of time.
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We will be covering several crucial points in this upcoming session:

  • The natural nail's structure and its influence on adhesion.
  • How to classify natural nails to determine the best methods and products.
  • Understanding the abilities of natural nails and their impact on adhesion.
  • Reasons behind the lack of product longevity.
  • Identifying bonding ingredients and their presence in the ingredient list.
  • Addressing the occurrence of liftings: types and solutions.
  • Debunking the search for ultra-strong bonding gels.
  • Analyzing the structural impact of natural and sculptured nail compositions on durability.
  • Choosing the right products for achieving strong durability and mastering the application process.

During this webinar, you can anticipate an in-depth exploration and thorough understanding of lifts, along with achieving optimal durability.

Webinar Duration: Approximately 3 hours. The session will be divided into a theoretical segment and an interactive component, allowing for open communication. This will be your chance to engage, ask questions, and interact with me directly on the topic.

Looking forward to this enriching session with you!

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Course content:

  • Natural nail: specifics of the nails that help the product last and the condition of the nails that leads to lifting.
  • Biggest mistakes in the selection of products
  • Most important aspects of statics that influence durability
  • Curing of the product
  • What you are responsible for as a professional for a good adhesion and what the customer can do for it.

You will receive the script of the webinar as a PDF download.

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