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Dry E-File Manicure

This popular manicure technique completes your knowledge and offers many basics for an optimized work in the daily studio routine! Apparative manicure complements the combined manicure technique perfectly! This course brings the knowledge about the technique to the point!
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This technique offers us the possibility to perform a manicure without cutting, i.e. without scissors or pliers. In this section I will show you exactly how it works. In the hand of a skilled manicurist, the instrumental manicure is a fantastic way to offer the customer a quick and clean result. It expands your skills and additionally increases your professionalism if you can master and offer several techniques. You will also learn new perspectives and develop a better understanding of how to use a milling machine.
If you do not know or have never worked with an instrumental manicure before, I recommend that you first complete the course "Tools and Burr Attachments", as this course explains the basic knowledge of the bits we need for an instrumental manicure and their tasks.
In the 8 videos in this course you will get an unprecedented insight into the apparative manicure. Through our unique macro shots you will learn how we work with this technique on the skin and what we have to pay special attention to in order to achieve a result that is both smooth and long-lasting.

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  •     Introduction
  •     Skin
  •     FAQ Apparative Manicure and Mistakes
  •     Diameter
  •     Grit
  •     Number of Rotations
  •     Pressure
  •     Direction of Rotation
  •     Little helpers, valuable experiences
  •     The Principle of the Apparative Manicure
  •     Sinus Area
  •     Proper working positions
  •     2 Bits Technique
  •     Explanation 2 Bits Technique Macro
  •     Explanation 2 Bits Technique Slow-Motion
  •     Mistakes of the 2 Bits Technique
  •     Use of the 2 Bits Technique I
  •     Use of the 2 Bits Technique II
  •     Left-handers 2 Bits Technique
  •     3 Bits Technique
  •     Explanation 3 Bits Technique Macro
  •     Explanation 3 Bits Technique Slow-Motion
  •     Use of the 3 Bits Technique I
  •     Use of the 3 Bits Technique II
  •     Bits in Comparison
  •     E-File Manicure for Men
  •     Flame, Formation of the Wall Macro
  •     Flame, Formation of the Wall Slow-Motion
  •     Use of the Flame, Formation of the Wall
  •     Flame, Formation of the Wall Left-handers
  •     1 Bit Technique
  •     Use of the 1 Bit Technique
  •     Finishing the Manicure

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